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Housekeeping note for email subscribers


Sorry to take up blogspace with this, but I figured I owed an explanation. A few of you have figured out how to subscribe to the blog via Feedburner. I’m going to turn that off, but I’ve already migrated you to MailChimp.

The upshot of all this? You may receive a post or two twice. There shouldn’t be any horrible effects. However, if you mark the MailChimp version as spam…well. You won’t get any more posts. So I thought I’d warn you a day in advance, and possible double-delivery is better than nothing.

For those who subscribed using a checkbox when commenting, everything should continue to work as before. You shouldn’t need to change anything at all.

In fact, nobody should need to change anything. What a colossal waste of typing this post is turning out to be!

But the point is: several people have asked about subscribing via email, and I’m about to make that a lot easier, most likely with a signup form in the left-side column. It’ll be separate from the new-release mailing list, ’cause I’ve promised not to bug those people except when I have a new release…which I’m interpreting to mean either (1) a full-length book, or (2) a list of stories published during a given month, but sent only at the end of that month.

Whew. Your irregularly unscheduled programming will now continue. Please don’t panic. If I broke it, I’ll fix it. {8′>

Have fun out there.

[UPDATE: Both lists should be available & working in the left sidebar. Kinda hope I don’t have to think about this stuff ever again.]

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