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Getting closer…

Still in progress, but getting there. White box is for the ISBN bar code. Logo and price are coming. So far I’ve been advised to shrink my name on the spine and shrink “A Thriller” as well. You can click the image for a larger view.



coverbrightOh, and…have fun out there!

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  1. David

    So weird how just posting something can show up its flaws. Fixed the ones I saw. There may well be more.

  2. Heather

    I’m not being fair but I’m gonna reply. I know you’re working on something but I come from a foreign country, right now, and all I read is this cover.

    Question: Is this a novel? Or a series of short stories? I know you do short stories and I’m reading the blurb on that side like each color change of text looks like an entry for a different story.

    Also, i’m being dumb: The Prison ‘text’ is confusing to me. I’m not sure why.

    The COLOURS. Are a miracle of your imagination. I, particularly like, looking from left to right, the middle section: I love the depth of field.

    Also, I was at the library museum on Saturday. Something to consider: libraries stick flipping…I dunno…TAPE all along the bottom two inches where a title or writer’s name are ‘covered’ Very annoying.

  3. David

    Well, lessee…

    First, it’s a thriller. A novel. And I’ll definitely look at the prison text, ’cause stumbling is bad.

    Second, you’re right. I should make comments editable. I’ll look into that right now.

    Third, I’m not totally convinced about the background image. I found it, and it was blue (not red) and a whole lot lighter. So I darkened and reddened it, and played with contrast. Then I made the silhouetted guy from another pic and added him in. But in thumbnail-type views the cover as a whole seems a bit blurrier than I’d like. I already made my name a little brighter than it was, but I may try to come up with another version of the background for the ebook. Kinda up in the air right now.

    Fourth, thanks! {8’>

  4. Heather

    MY take? (simply how _I_ do things.)

    If you’re in the mood to fiddle/fust, then do so. There are so many days when you won’t.

    You learn something with every iteration of something (even if, WTF did I do that for? don’t do that again.) and as far as I’m concerned (and I am more…pesky.. about images–and sound, to be honest) you are doing way high pro covers here, right now; why not fiddle with another one, while you’ve got the fucker open.

    Again, just my view.


    I just EDITED this. Because I CAN. Thank you!

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