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The post that launched a thousand words!

Truthfully I’m not sure that title makes sense. I was thinkin’ about posting a picture of my wife, see, and those are supposed to have a certain value…by “those” I mean pictures, not wives…not that I’m actually commenting on the value of wives here…but frankly I distrust the notion: I mean, who says? What pic is worth which words? This stuff matters!

All that was by way of ‘splaining that I don’t dare post a honey-pic without her permission. She’s fearsome! Also I never call her honey. If you were wondering. Though I probably could.

But in addition to the fearsome thing she’s also supportive (I hasten to add). For instance she’s doing this diet/fasting thing with me, and is being an awf’ly good sport about it too. See, t’other day I ordered us one o’ them weighing devices off the intertoobz, just so we could watch our numbers change. And I got one with extra numbers! ‘Cause sometimes my moose (that’s Alaskan for “deer” after all) can get a bit wroth with the universe when she doesn’t like a number. Like if that number is the same one she saw before, or maybe even bigger. Also when she’s mad at the universe it often turns out I’m closer.

So there I was, pointing out to her that my primary number wasn’t all that much lower than it’d been before but all my other numbers wuz kewl! And she was like whatever. So then I said, “and don’t forget, like, plus, hey, and anyway I prolly look skinnier when I’m naked now!”

She totally cut her eyes down for a nearly measurable fraction of a second, then raised ’em back up to Facebook or whatever she was doing. “Yeah,” she said. “Makes your dick look bigger.”

Totally! I mean, that’s cool! Um…except there was that one kinda funny thing about her tone of voice…but I’m pretty sure this is one of those times when I should change the subject. Don’t want to overthink this stuff after all.

So anyway, supportive! Like, I was ranting for likely something possibly under my hundredth time this week all ’bout this twice-weekly high-intensity interval training thing I do, which I think may even have a benefit or two, and probably it’s even better than the long run think I like to do of a Saturday morning, but anyway I asked her up front: “How hard’s it gonna be for me to talk you into doing some sort of sprinting thing, like on my indoor exercise bike?”

So she paused briefly, then looked me in the eye. “I don’t see any advantage in answering that,” she explained.

Well. What could be more fair?

This here post is all by way of putting in some words that I really meant to get into my last post, but writing the bits I did there got me all moody. Which was reasonable.

But I’m a lucky guy, here. And I know it very well. It’s just a bunch of other stuff I forget.

Have fun out there!

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  1. David, I cannot take the time just now to read your entire always-hilarious post, but right off, you’re “not sure that title makes sense”…well, by its very words, it makes PERFECT sense!!

    Of course, I read a sentence or two of the text, and it’s a totally different deal, but still…the title is a post all of its own!!!



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