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Update on publishing stuff

Well, first, I’ll be sending The Secret out to beta readers pretty soon–probably next week. I’m waiting to hear back from my loyal First Reader, also known as my wife. And as Mommy. Plus she has a name, and maybe aliases. Which is a joke that I don’t think I should explain here, but I may be wrong about that. Should be interesting to see what happens with her feedback, and also other feedback. Y’know, the thing may suck!

Second, I’m going to try re-instituting my Weekly Challenge, starting next Wednesday. IOW, for the uninitiated (if any such happen to come along and read this): I’ll be putting out a free story every week. Why? Mostly because I loved doing it. I reserve the right to serialize novels and other longer works as I go along, which I may or may not publish directly on the website. Plus I may do other weird stuff. Surprising, I know.

A couple of things will be different. In general, most of the time, I’ll publish the stories directly to Amazon instead of posting them here. My blog posts will give some background and say whatever I want to say, and include a direct link to each story. In addition, I’ll include a direct link to…you know…post a review. If, ah, anyone cares about that part! {8′>

I have some “cushion” here again in case of life events, as I never got around to publishing some of my previous “Weekly Challenge” stories anywhere but the blog. Frankly there wasn’t much reason to do so: I don’t have a lot of readers on Amazon. Or anywhere, really, but far more people have read the stories right here on the blog than did elsewhere. Of course, that was before I started making them free on Amazon (for five days, and also to “Kindle Unlimited” subscribers). There were some readers on other sites, but in general Amazon still outshone ’em all, so I’m going all-in with that for now. (Also this blog’s long hiatus seems to have shed most of its readers, which is awfully reasonable. I’m really liking the idea that those of you who are left might actually like my stuff. Unless you’re just too lazy to unsubscribe. Either way: my kind of people!)

Third, courtesy of that so-clever segue, is this: I have my first post up at my brand-spankin’-new poker blog, aka Caveat Aleator. There’s more stuff I want to post over there, but…hey. There’s a post. Maybe a second to follow soon, because there have been developments in my poker plans and I’d like to write about ’em. Eventually there will be a separate mailing list over there, and probably a nicer theme, and all that. But anyway! There’s a post!

Which puts that blog one ahead of Cave Spurii, which will be for general rants but ain’t got nothin’ nohow as of yet. Soon, I hope. Meanwhile it’s looking pretty generic. I’m linking to it anyway just so you can laugh at me if you’re of a mind.

So…that’s what I’ve got going on over here. How about you guys? Anything cool happening in your neck of the woods?

Have fun out there!

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