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Welcome back!

If, that is, you’ve come back. If not, well, maybe I’ll see ya down the road.

This has been a dead space for a while. An awful lot of stuff happened…I went to Vegas, my wife got sick, I had a series of epiphanies and decided to become a professional poker player…my wife got better, I went on a 3000+-mile road trip with my daughter, I spent some time with people (including a good friend and poker buddy I hadn’t seen in fifteen years)…we started homeschooling our daughter full-time…we decided to move out of Alaska…

You know what? All of that could become a bunch of blog posts. But it’s not going to. Or at least not right away.

I’m going to split this blog into three pieces. This one will be about writing, publishing, and announcing new fiction. Another will be about poker. And a third will be full of obnoxious rants with no particular attempt at political correctness. That one may turn out to be my favorite. Or not.

A lot of “not writing for the blog” has been a result of “not wanting to write what the blog readers, if any are left, are used to reading.” Though actually the thing was never a model of coherence, was it? And I’ve resisted getting back into it, because I didn’t want to. It took a while to figure out what I did want.

More to say on this. I just built myself a new web server, updated my mail server,  updated the SSL certificate for this site, and ported over a bunch of other sites I’m hosting. Tonight after everybody’s asleep I’ll set up the new blogs and make a few decisions.

Check back tomorrow, if you like. There will be changes. I have things to say, and I’ll say ’em, but I’ll say ’em in what strike me as the right places. And as time permits.

All that said? It’s good to be back.

Have fun out there!

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  1. Rebecca

    Welcome back! Best wishes to you and your family with all of your changes. Personally and selfishly I hope you don’t give up writing because you have a gift that should be shared. No pressure though. Your work has brought me many hours of enjoyment. Pagan Sects is still my favorite and if anyone out there hasn’t read it they should. Just pure fun.

    • David

      Thanks! And thanks again for the great reviews.

      I won’t quit writing–I kind of hope to have more time for it, actually. It’s been busy around here, and I tend to do better with projects if I can sort of immerse myself in them. Probably this is true of most people…but anyway, I’m going to have more time, and less on my mind, soon. But will it mean novels or short stories? I don’t know. We’ll see.

      I’ll probably scale back on things like print and audiobook versions for now, because they’ve turned into a huge time-suck. Mostly I want to be writing new stuff and getting it out there ASAP.

      Encouragement like this is very much appreciated.

  2. Glad to see you are back! Earlier this week I was thinking about bloggers I hadn’t heard from in a while, and you were amongst the group I missed. Looking forward to future posts again.

    • David

      That’s very good to hear, except that I now feel slightly guilty.

      Okay. That was a lie. But it’s good to know you’re still around. {8’>

      • Easier to “still be around” when I read all the blogs through one reader, rather than visit each blog (that only happens when I want to comment). Your blog name just didn’t show up in bold for a long time. I have a few like that, and I finally unsubscribed to a couple that I don’t think will have new posts again ever. But I am a patient person, so most non-active blogs stay in my subscription stream. And it’s not like I follow 100s of blogs, just a few.

        I don’t always agree with you, but it usually entertains me (and sometimes educates me) to read what you have to say. 🙂

        • David

          I don’t always agree with me either! Or at least not for long. And yeah, I like the RSS thing too. Most people who read this blog do it that way, if the stats I get are at all accurate. I used to read a lot more blogs, but then Google Reader went away and I got sorta particular about hosting my own stuff…then I had some computer crashes…then I started thinking I spent too much time reading other people’s stuff…

          This here internet dingus sure is good at diverting us from our own projects, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for reading, and I enjoy your comments.


  3. Rebecca

    OK I just read this again. Paid attention this time to the changes you have planned. But what does it mean when you say “…the blog readers, if any are left, are used to reading.” ? Here’s my opinion: people will read a blog for entertainment, inspiration, education, and a sense of belonging. If someone is a fan of yours they will find those elements here. For instance, it entertained me to read your post again which inspired me to educate people about my opinion and I feel like I really do belong here. Creepy, huh?

    • David

      Oh, I dunno. I kinda hope you belong here too. If there’s anything creepy about it, we can just pretend there isn’t and see whether anyone can prove whatever allegations they may make. Not to imply there are any obvious or tempting candidates there. Probably this paragraph should end soon, though, just in case. So it will.

      Maybe you’re right…but liking my fiction doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like reading a really long post that’s basically about Vegas nostalgia and a particular poker hand I selected ’cause it made me look smart. You know? (If it does actually make me look smart. At least one reader thinks otherwise! Which is fun too, ’cause that led to beer and Skype, which is almost like having a personal life.)

      Nor does it mean you’ll really want to know why I (currently say I’m) never logging into Facebook again, or what I think the TSA “security” stuff is really all about (short version: kinda like a rain dance for a less-interesting sort of essentially mythological belief system), or whatever the hell I eventually get around to posting in my third blog. If I do get around to posting anything. It’s almost funnier if I don’t, you know?

      But if you do like all that stuff? Cool! I ain’t gonna judge. {8’>

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