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I’m writing this from my iPhone, because my office has been thoroughly disassembled. It’s now mostly temporary storage for stuff we’re going to try to sell. (Though chances are this won’t actually turn out to be a good use of either time or space!)

As for why that happened? Well, remember how I said my family and I would be moving down south in the fall? Well, some folks sort of peripherally related to my wife’s job are being annoying. So she’s given them two weeks to straighten up.

Of course they won’t straighten up. They don’t care whether she quits. But her boss might, and she might also do something about it. Thing is, that “something” would also have to include an arrangement for telecommuting to begin by the fall, or there’d be little point to it.

So, the upshot? It’s starting to seem very likely that we’ll be getting on a ferry down to Washington (I’d rather just take it 60 miles to Haines and drive from there–it’s more fun, faster, and cheaper–but I prefer not to take the fam on the Alaska Highway in wintry weather, and anyway we inherited a bunch of guns, which are apparently anti-Canadian), and by that I mean purty dern soon.

Er. So, yeah, when I think about missing the Liard Hot Springs this trip? This, however unjust, springs to mind: Blame Canada!

We’re spending the weekend packing, sorting, and giving stuff away. If we’re leaving, we want to be ready. If we’re here till fall? So what? We’ll have less to do when the time comes.

Not sure where we’ll be going yet. Or going first, anyway. We kinda don’t care! But we’ll have fun.

Meanwhile, though…I’m not going to even try to write and publish a story every week while simultaneously dumping clutter, moving “outside” (as folks here in Alaska call the rest of the world), and homeschooling the kid. Then, regardless of this mess, I’ll be in Vegas playing a ton of poker during all of June and maybe early July…and late May, too, if other plans permit. (The longer trip might happen ’cause we’d no longer have a swarm of kids visiting us in Alaska…sucks for them, but we’ll still figure something out that’s interesting for goofy teens.)

We’ll see what happens. I’m looking forward to the trip, and I’m even more excited to see what my wife does next. My opinion: she’s been letting her job hold her back from too many adventures for too damn long. But…she likes the work, and likes the people she works with directly.

All futures look good from here. But the new weekly stories are on hold till July. Unless things change again! (Isn’t life just goofy as all hell that way?)

Meanwhile, to pass on a bit of good news: beta readers are saying favorable things about The Secret, and I’ve been able to fix stuff as reports have come in…so that, at least, will still proceed as planned.

And I’ll still publish stuff to Amazon on Wednesdays for a while, and each story will be free for five days–but I’ll (mostly?) just be uploading stories that are currently free on the blog.

So, sorry about the delay. Wish us luck anyway? It couldn’t hurt…

And have fun out there!

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