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Bonus freebie! The Heist!

cover3I know, I know: where do I get off calling this a bonus? Didn’t I promise, after all?

Yup! Sure did! But it turns out my brain doesn’t work so well. And I can prove it!

  1. I figured out, based on checking stories that were live on Amazon, that Saints Alive! was next up.
  2. I created an ebook, found the (lousy) cover image on an old backup drive (because I’m sometimes sloppy with basic computer hygiene stuff), and uploaded it.
  3. While updating stuff for that story, I accidentally noticed that the “From the author” section was missing from the Amazon page for this story.
  4. Which led me to realize suddenly that…well, back on Pi Day, aka 3/14? I’d been going through and reducing all my stories to 99 cents, and apparently at some point in the past I’d set The Heist up but had never published it, but I didn’t notice, so…turned out, I published a story earlier this month! Woohoo! And it was this story!
  5. Only it didn’t have a table of contents, or that “Thanks for Reading!” thing I like to put in at the end. It was sort of…um…dumb.
  6. But nobody bought it anyway, so none of that mattered.
  7. Now I’m done with the numbering thing.


So, um, yeah. It’s free today from Amazon, and will be free for five days.

But, just so you know? This one was tough to write. My wife and I have shared our home with a couple of foster kids. Their lives were (and to some extent still are) difficult beyond belief. So The Heist was my attempt to capture that–but also, and maybe more importantly, to get the associated feelings out where I could look at them.

So it’s personal for me. One of the kids who used to live with us, the one I renamed “Joe Keith” for the story, cried when he read it–even though none of the events described here actually happened, and I never told him whom I’d had in mind as my model for the protagonist. So I guess it worked, sort of. But if you’re wondering: he’s tough, and he’ll be fine. Or…I guess I mean that the real kid will be fine. No spoilers for the story!

Meanwhile, here are the various links you can use, if you’re of a mind, and some basic boilerplate beggary to boot:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon FR
Amazon ES
Amazon IT
Amazon NL
Amazon JP
Amazon BR
Amazon CA
Amazon MX
Amazon AU
Amazon IN

Better yet, if it turns out you actually like the story? You could post a review! (That link goes to the Amazon US site, because most of you are US readers. But please feel free to post elsewhere if you’d prefer.)

Have fun out there!

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