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Saints Alive! Published and free as a…phoenix?

cover3Here’s something new! Sort of. I’ve always liked this story. It can be found in my September collection, but this is its first solo outing beyond the blog.

I stayed up all night writing this one, passing bits to a friend and incorporating his suggestions. Well, some of them. Anyway, we had a blast. I felt as if I were somehow channeling a spirit containing elements of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and Douglas Adams. Which might mean I was just out of my mind (not unusual), but see…the thing is, I laughed a lot. I hope you do too.

Below are links where you can find the thing. It should be free on all Amazon sites for the next five days. As always, if you don’t have a Kindle you can read it in one of Amazon’s apps…or you can download it for free from them and use Calibre or another program to convert it to any format you like. There’s no nasty DRM to get in the way, so it ought to be fairly straightforward.

Though that does involve getting an Amazon account, which I’ll grant may be an unreasonable requirement. If this is how you feel, let me know and I’ll just email you a link to download the damn thing. Fair enough?

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon FR
Amazon ES
Amazon IT
Amazon NL
Amazon JP
Amazon BR
Amazon CA
Amazon MX
Amazon AU
Amazon IN

Better yet, if it turns out you actually like the story? You could post a review! (That link goes to the Amazon US site, because most of you are US readers. But please feel free to post elsewhere if you’d prefer.)

Or, you know, tell a friend. Or an enemy. Or a neighbor’s second cousin twice removed. Or maybe try smoke signals. I don’t see how that last would help, but I could be wrong, and meanwhile you could roast a marshmallow or seven. I like mine deeply charred, if you’re of a mind to share. {8′>

Have fun out there!

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