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That title reminds me of Carl Hiaasen, whose fiction I heartily recommend, unless maybe that was more like my liver speaking up. I’m not much of an expert on distinguishing between various human squishy-bits.

Anyway, please read something of his. Or if you don’t get fiction from Carl, please get fiction somewhere. Because I’ll be shutting up for a bit.

I kinda hate how busy we are with this move. Maybe this time we’ll finally never again accumulate so much etc.

But it is what it is. Also, I’m fairly sure something important will be left undone. Besides writing, I mean. But that too.

I hope you’re all equally busy, but with more entertaining projects! Either way, though…I’ll be mostly incommunicado for the next few weeks.

Have fun without me? {8′>

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  1. Rebecca

    I cannot believe you’re breaking up with your readers again. I will remain on the rebound, probably sinking very low and delving into poorly edited memos written by my *gasp* employers. I’ll need something to keep me going and before long I won’t care where I’m getting my fix. Junk mail. I can see it now.

    Good luck to you and enjoy the adventure. Are you still debuting The Secret?

    • David

      Oh…it’s just a separation. For a little while. I need some space. It’s not you; it’s me.


      But yes for The Secret. Not sure when, exactly–I have a little bit of editing to do. But soonish. I’ll make a bunch of stuff temporarily free on Amazon, wait a week or so, and publish. The exact date’s going to depend on how much free time I get–but come to think of it we will be sitting around on the ferry for three days. Hmm.

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