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I just like that word. I pronounce it here as if it were closer to “leprechaun” than you might expect, because that makes me happy. And it reminds me that I’d like a beer. Possibly not directly relevant or useful, but still a good thing to know. Yes?

Also, what is public is not secret. I think. But I’ve heard good stuff about the latest revisions to The Secret, and plan to make the thing available soon. To the, uh, public. Or some people. Or something.

My point: most readers say it’s my best so far…once they get around to finishing it. Some don’t like the ending. However, earlier issues (“what the hell happened there at the end?” et al) seem to have been resolved–whether by editing or careful selection of Round Two beta readers is less clear. But what the hell.

Available evidence suggests it’s perceived more as a fantasy dingus than a thriller whatsit, though, so I may need to modify the title and cover. And I kinda doubt any of the options that have occurred to me thus far are really good ideas, so more thought should happen somewhere. Consider:

  • The Secret: A Fantastic Thriller
  • The Secret: A Thrilling Fantasy
  • Secret Fantasies: Thrilling Sex
  • The Pagan Thrills in Secret Places
  • Secreted in the Sky with Diamonds

…See what I mean? Also I have typos to untype. But I’ll work on that soon.

Can’t say when it’ll be done. I won’t be back home till mid-July. But I’ll work on it when I can. Better than burying it (and my head) in the sand, eh?

(Probably. You still may hate it, you know. If so, please leave a scathing but humorous review! Someday!)

Have fun out there.

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