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Free for all!

ebook3Yeah, it’s been a while. Hi.

All books and stories will be free from Amazon from 9/13–9/17. That gives me a little bit of a deadline for The Secret, since I want it to be out (and free for its first five days) by the time this “promotion” ends. Is the new book ready yet? Nope. Why not? Because there’s a lot of editing and formatting grunt-work to do, which I am not in the mood to enjoy. And yet I’m proceeding? Yes.

Why is “promotion” in quotes? Because they’ve never bumped up sales of anything for me, not even for a day or an hour. Why will all this stuff be free? In case folks would like stuff to read. Why will The Secret be free at first? Same reason.

Why has it been so long since I’ve done a damn thing on this site, or with writing fiction in general? My wife and I have been busy starting two new businesses. We’re still busy, but I’m going to make this happen anyway.

Sorry I haven’t been around. I doubt I’ll do better any time soon, either, but you never know. Meanwhile, if you’re of a mind to tell people about free reading material? I suppose you can! I’ve long since dumped my Facebook and Twitter accounts, with no plans to have anything to do with social media in the future, so this may turn out to be a well-kept secret. Cool, huh? It’s kinda like an exclusive club! {8′>

Have fun out there.

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