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For want of a nail…

Actually, I could go get a nail if I really decided I wanted one. What I don’t have? Any sort of credible follow-up plan for The Secret.

It’s done better than I expected. I made all my stuff free for five days, and then the newbie went free…and outperformed all the old stuff combined. Nice, I guess. Unfortunately freebie “sales” are still not only increasing but accelerating…and now what? Not much I can do. This is the last day. If it weren’t exclusive to Amazon I guess it could go fly and be free in other places, but the exclusivity was how I got the ‘Zon to let me list it as a freebie for a few days to begin with. Hrmph.

There’s been some other stuff going on too. Some Kindle Unlimited subscribers (you guys are awesome!) have been reading pages…a few thousand pages so far…and I’ll actually get paid for that. But at the same time, not a single person actually bought the book at its initial $4.99 price point. So, what the hell–I’ve dropped the price to $.99. Maybe people will buy it? Though I have to say I think it’s unlikely. I don’t actually believe Amazon is set up in such a way that a book can build a readership on its own. I think the only path is to publish lots of fiction, and regularly, and I doubt I’ll have the time for that. And the lower price may actually sabotage the book’s appeal, whatever it may be, to Kindle Unlimited readers. Sheesh. I’ll try it for a day or two and see. Then probably change it to $3.99, and move on to other things.

Back to the bright side: a UK reader posted a review. The book’s first! Title: “Good.” Review text: “Good read.”

You know what? I love it. Thanks, whoever you are! And the book is also #1 in the UK for free contemporary fantasy right now. Which is probably both a) partially the result of actually getting a review, and b) not actually indicative of a lot of copies “sold.” But still: Number one! An Amazon bestseller! Whoopee! {8′>

I didn’t expect anything at all from this release–really, nothing at all–so I’m surprised and pleased at what I expect most people would find to be less than thrilling. Too bad for them. I’m grinning a lot.

Have fun out there!

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