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The Challenge? It’s a new story collection!

Or it will be, fairly soon. I’m still messing around with the cover and so forth. Maybe in the next couple of days it’ll be done?

I realized recently that I have a couple of stories published on the blog that have never been anywhere else–and I also have stories from the September collection that could pretty easily be published separately.

So what I’m going to do is put all the Weekly Challenge stories, or all of the originals at any rate (since a few were kinda borrowed from the September collection) into a new book. And I’m going to publish most of the stories individually, too, since when I give ’em away as freebies they’ll serve as advertisements for the collection. Whichever one they “came from.”

Sheesh. I have seven stories I could put up with very little effort. I’ll probably hold off on Destiny’s Dance, ’cause it’s really more of a prologue than anything else, but the others might as well get out in the world.

I’m also quite likely to start doing print versions of at least the novels and the story collections. I’ve decided, because I decide things oddly, to put lots of time into this writing/publishing gig after all. And the new fiction is coming along nicely…I hope I’ll be able to be a bit quicker with the next novel! (And nope, I haven’t figured out what it’s about yet. I’m writing it, you understand. I just don’t know what it IS.)

So. That’s this corner of the world. How’s yours doing?

Have fun out there!

UPDATE: I actually got the thing out today. Plus five of the stories that hadn’t been published separately. So it’s been a long slog of a day, but progress does feel good under my toes.

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