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Thanks! And more stuff coming…

Privacy-Cover3To all those who helped with reporting lower prices to Amazon–thank you!

Shiver on the Sky is now free for Amazon US (more Amazon sites to follow?), and is currently #753 for free books on the site. Which is pretty good, especially considering that (as far as I know) nobody’s advertising or promoting it in any way. I imagine that will fall off over the next few days, but for the moment it’s nice.

Anyway, that’s several hundred downloaders and potential new readers on the book’s first freebie day, and I doubt it would have happened so quickly–or, maybe, at all–without your help.

Pagan Sex may also become free at some point, but I’m not going to worry about it too much. That book never did sell very well, so I doubt it’ll do well as a freebie either. Okay, yeah, it’s probably my fault. I picked that title. But, you know, it’s funny and makes me smile. So there’s that. Anyway, I’ll think about PS again in a while.

The privacy book has been a bit stalled, since I’ve been doing final edits on Bleed on the Sky (must finish them by the 12th, because it’s out as a 12/22 preorder), but it does at least have a cover now. I’d post a preview just to show you guys I’m not necessarily quite as unstable as the title (and subtitle!) might make me sound, but with all the research I’m doing…the book hasn’t exactly been stable. Not even the Introduction, really. I like parts of it at the moment, but it seems to wander a bit and bog down in a couple of places. A work in progress, I guess.

I need to improve the descriptive text for Bleed, too. And make a decision about the next book to write. Still hoping to have the privacy thing come out in early January. But my list of before-the-next-novel projects has been getting shorter.

So. I’ll get back to it. Thanks again, and…if you want to…have fun out there? {8′>

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