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Fire sale!

You know, I’m not quite sure what that means. Or I guess I mean I’m not sure where the term comes from. A sale after a fire? Wouldn’t stuff be damaged? Or is that the point?

Hold on a sec.

Okay. I checked. That was indeed the point: discounts, because of fire damage. Hmm. Now that I know this…should I change the title of this post? Doesn’t it imply…?

Nah. The moving fingers, having typed, etc. What was written must be.

Onward! So I’m changing the prices on all books and stories at Amazon to $.99 or a near-equivalent in other currencies. Sound cool to you guys?

Uh…actually, well, I guess I’m not doing that. After all. It was clearly a damn lie. But it’s true for the books and stories I’ve written and posted for sale, except Shiver, which will (I hope) continue to be free over there.

Why am I doing this? Well, why not? I’d like to get some more reviews on my books, maybe get them into more hands, while I go write other stuff (most likely under a different name). I’d just set it all to “free” if I thought that would work, if Amazon would allow it…but my experience to date suggests that those who download freebies generally don’t go on to pay for other books, whereas those who buy books (even for very little money) sometimes do. Might be cool if there are a few more folks inclined to buy my (future) stuff at some (future) point (in the future).

Fear not: there will be more stuff published under my own name. It’s in the queue. And I’m quite aware that “write compelling stories” is the true/only secret to success in this game. But I’ve never quit picking at scabs, either, or at least when nobody’s watching, so…I’m doing this. Just don’t pay any attention and it’ll be fine.

Also, I’m a bit bored this evening and figured I’d shake stuff up a bit. Thought I’d be hanging out with the family, but a basketball game on TV put the kibosh on that. I could, you know, work on something…but this is easier. You’re welcome. And no, I won’t watch basketball. Promised myself I was done with the game back in elementary school, and I’ve kept that promise. For no particular reason.

If I’d thought about it at all, I could now show you (for some reason or other, if any) some pics of the windshield on my newish minivan. Quite destroyed by a hailstorm here in San Antonio, while I was driving it, while my wife rode in the passenger seat. Turns out gleeful chortling doesn’t go over well in situations like that, if you didn’t already know. So I had to pretend the whole thing wasn’t as cool as it clearly was…but, yeah, we could’ve been hurt. Weren’t. So all’s well. Might as well stop typing for now, and maybe go grab a beer. Meanwhile, it’s dark and raining out, and the existing pics are not available to me, thus you either, at the moment. Some other time, maybe.

Hope you guys are having fun out there! Having a pleasant evening here. Petting the cat, reading, goofing off in general. You?

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