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Weekly freebie #19


Yes, I changed the count. This is (or should have been) the second story of my current series of weekly freebies. But it’s also the 19th thing I’ve posted this way…so I decided it’d be slightly more reasonable to just continue the count from where I left off last time.

But it’s not a story. It’s more like Chapter One of something much longer. I didn’t know that was going to happen–and I let it mess me up. See, I’m already working on two novels. So this one wanted to get brain-time too. And I knew I wouldn’t finish it in time to post it on Wednesday, so I kind of gave up on it. Then I decided to post it anyway.

Don’t get me wrong: I like it. I want to write more. But I think I need to spend the next couple of nights writing a few paragraphs of several potential stories, instead of just trying to do a single story from scratch each week. Maybe that way I can try to identify the ones that want to run longer than I need for a weekly-story gig? I ran into the same sort of issue before, too, with “stories” about Marvin and Destiny. They wanted to grow into something larger, and didn’t really fit the weekly-release format.

Which is okay, I guess. Sort of. I mean, I’m writing the Destiny novel now. Finally.

Anyway, this week’s freebie is the first part of something called “The Neighbor” and you can check it out here. Just don’t expect it to be complete! It’s looking like it might turn into something fun, if I get around to finishing it. Which I hope I’ll do.

Or…would it be okay to post chapters as I go? Sort of a serial-novel thing? The problem is, people who missed the earlier chapters would have trouble figuring out the storyline. So maybe that won’t really work.

Next week, I’ll have an actual story. One way or another. I promise.

Have fun out there!

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