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Weekly freebie #18: The Room


I have to tell you, I’m not entirely certain I like this week’s story. A shame to lead off with it, if it doesn’t work, though I did get a favorable beta-reader response. (Semi-spoiler: I was told it had a happy ending. Who knew? Not I. Maybe you’ll see what I mean…)

On the other hand, it’s very cool to be back in the story-writing swing. And it generally takes me a while to figure out what I do or don’t like in a story, or even what it’s about. I’m very glad to have written ’em all, to date, so I guess I’ll just put it out there and see.

Out where? Why, it’s right here. That URL will remain constant, because trying to track down the stories on the blog, and keep the rest of the site updated, every time I want to publish something is a pain in my ass. Um, I mean it’s a hassle, and I’d rather spend my time on other things. So, this way, there’ll only ever be a single page to update. And you can feel free to just check the page directly whenever you like. From time to time there will be new stuff.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the older stories as I take them down. They could end up being published elsewhere eventually, either directly by me (but I don’t know how to get short stories in front of many actual readers, except as freebies) or by someone else.

This story doesn’t have a cover image. Yet. Maybe it should? We’ll see. I’m trying to keep this simple, for now. I’ll probably figure something out as I go along.

For now, just come on by and read the thing? Let me know whether you like it. And there ought to be another one up next week.

Have fun out there!

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