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September #3: The Bull

You know what? That’s probably not the final title. It’s just making me smile at the moment. Blurb so far: Miles Friedman is a writer in a post-Singularity world of video and Uploaded humans. Few people care, and his trademark deep-dive research can easily be scooped in other, more popular media. When that happens, what can he do? Is there a way to turn back the clock? And what happens when he loses faith in a personal hero, a man who had seemed to be fighting for the rights of old-style humans? Can an old friend help Miles’s career with a timely push, or does that just make everything worse?

Anyway, herewith be the excuses. I forgot to set my alarm for weekends, so I overslept. Then a minor farmers’ market crisis erupted, which meant I had only 16 minutes’ worth of recording. So I started up again as soon as I could, and a kid woke up early, so I only got another 20 minutes that time. I managed one more session, about 15 minutes’ worth, this afternoon.

Theoretically I could close myself up in my office and finish the story. In spite of the above, it’s at about 2400 words right now (I added some stuff via old-fashioned typing), and I have a pretty good idea of how it ends. But I kind of don’t want to close the door on my family tonight. It’s…impure? Given the way I’m handling this effort? I mean, closing out the world would work, probably, but what if I don’t have to?

Also, my mom’s picking up the kids tomorrow morning, so I’ll have a bunch of hours to do tomorrow’s story and catch up on the last few. If that doesn’t work, I have till noon blocked out for writing on Labor Day, which may or may not actually happen, since the house will be far from empty…but I have till noon on Tuesday-Friday too while the kids are in school. Crises aside, I mean.

It doesn’t surprise me that I fell a bit behind during the weekend, or–considering all the stuff that happened on Friday–that I was a bit behind already. It does surprise me that I’m producing the words as quickly as I am so far, starting a new story every morning. Can I keep it up? I wouldn’t be upset to have 30 half-complete stories at the end of the month…but what if I can catch up during the week? What if I can get ahead? Hmm.

I’m sure going to try!

Have fun out there…

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