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September #4: Dreaming Green

Mary’s had trouble since losing her husband David. It seems she’s losing time, too. She doesn’t mind so much, though her friends are getting worried about her behavior. And then…maybe she’s losing the past, as well? It doesn’t seem to come out the same way twice when she tries to remember. But there’s something important about her daughter…something she thinks she really ought to remember…

So I had fun with this one. I’m not going to be catching up with the last few days as I’d hoped, though, or at least not today. I’d like to get to the point where I finish a story of a morning, then do some minor edits & cleanup of the one from the day before. But for that to happen I’ll really need to get caught up, y’know? Because I’m falling a bit further behind each day so far. Luckily, the kids will be back in school soon!

Or at least I think that’s where they go. Hmm. What if it’s not?

Have fun out there!

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