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Gratuitous Cover Post


Just putting this up because I like my wife’s new cookbook cover. I’ll be back with my normal post tomorrow morning. At least I think I will.

The cover may change a bit, especially that colon…if put up on Amazon that way, it’ll look like a subtitle. But there’s a separate subtitle, with potentially useful keywords.

Sort of potentially useful, anyway. If things go very well, at some point. Those particular keywords are not cheap or easily claimed by a new release from an unknown author, when Amazon’s users go a-searching. But they’re kind of free to add, and may be useful at some point.

Interested in the cookbook? Good. Maybe you’ll buy it.

But seriously though: she’s put a lot of work into this. The business, as well as the cookbook. Check it out at…if you’ve a mind.

Ha. We’re expecting most sales will be of autographed copies, in person, at her booth at one farmers’ market or another. Or even via our free local delivery service. But some folks might buy the thing online, once it’s available. It could happen, and they’d certainly be welcome to do so.

Have fun out there!

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