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Detour: Origin story…!?


So, things went a bit awry this morning. Sort of? I’d been wondering about my main character’s backstory, and had inserted a flashback in Chapter Seven already, and I had this cool idea (maybe) for a longer story set before the beginning of my novel. There are aspects of the world she inhabits that really don’t fit in the current book. I’ve been figuring they’ll come up later…but OTOH I have a pretty good idea of what will go on in the next two books, and still it won’t all fit. Which is fine. But it does leave some scope for further exploration.

What to do with that? Well, I jotted down some notes. Then it took over my brain, as things do (thus the tin-foil hat, right?) and although I’m a bit skeptical of beginning a new project in the middle of another…I told myself it might be okay, since after all it’s not exactly unrelated? Right? Right?

We’ll find out later. Meanwhile I ended up typing, not dictating, and working on both the novel and the story. Which is trying to grow into another novel, but I think I can stop it. Probably. One way or another.

So what will I do with the new story once it’s done? Publishing short stories on Amazon is next to pointless, in my experience thus far. Here’s a notion: maybe I’ll make the new story free to new-release mailing list subscribers, and unavailable otherwise? Might give folks something to do after they read Book One (assuming people read that) until Book Two comes out later on.

Just a thought. No new words dictated, so no new numbers for you tomorrow morning. But, you know, maybe progress? Hard to tell at this point. I may have just “wasted” a morning’s writing session. Worst case, though, I do know a bit more about a couple of characters. So maybe that’ll turn out to be worthwhile.

Have fun out there!

Yesterday’s dictation count: 1214 words
Time spent dictating: 48 minutes, 1 session
Week to date: 11,460 words (some via the Neo)
Total words since 1/22/18: 19,036

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