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Detour: edits and outline

Not sure why, and I’m not entirely happy about it…but so far today I’ve been working on non-dictation tasks. Some of it’s about the new “origin story,” and some is for the novel. Basically I think this was a mistake: I should have done some dictation to start with.

So, I broke that “dictate first thing in the morning” rule, for sure. Tempting, sort of, to break another one and dictate some new fiction anyway. But that might sabotage more than it helps, long-term.

Really hoping this goes better tomorrow. I mean–I’ve actually found a bunch of ways to “deepen” the novel this morning. So the time hasn’t been unproductive. It’s just that there’s no immediately obvious reason why I couldn’t have done some dictation first. Guess I didn’t want to?

Anyway. Gotta move on from here regardless. Back to numbers tomorrow.

Have fun out there!

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