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Sick day. Do I get paid for that?

Ha. No, I do not. Anyway, it was weird…the first detectable illness in about six years. Wasn’t too bad, I guess. Temperature got up to “normal” when it’s typically a degree and a half low, my stomach was comprehensively displeas’d, and I got all lightheaded-like. Not as much fun as that time in my early 20s when I wandered around Vegas while thoroughly befevered, pretending my body was under the control of an alien visitor to our planet, and trying to imagine what conclusions that critter might draw. But again, not so bad really.

So, today? Wiped. I have very little energy, and am only posting this because I said I would. I didn’t even get up at my normal time. Went to bed early, slept late, and after running a few unavoidable errands I’m going back to bed now. Lots of thoughts, some of them potentially interesting, but I’ll deal with them at some other time.

Have fun out there!

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