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Bombs away!

Okay, that title may not make a lot of sense. But, see, I had my phone in “airplane mode” for a few hours, and in three sessions (94 minutes) I dictated the first draft of the prequel story I mentioned a while back. I still plan to make that a mailing-list exclusive, and won’t even do that till the novel is released, but it still feels like progress. I like progress.

That “airplane mode” thing was very cool. Required some notification/cooperation from others, but I felt awfully…free and easy and liberated and flowy…you know? Stuff like that. I had a few thoughts about things I “should” be doing, and jotted down some quick notes, which seemed sufficient in the moment. Then I actually got all those things done pretty quickly, once I was done writing. Go figure.

Also, I had a minor revelation. Maybe you guys know this already? But anyway: airplane mode shuts off radios. But I could re-enable Bluetooth while otherwise remaining in airplane mode, so my folding keyboard and finger mouse would work…but I still couldn’t be bothered with calls, texts, or email. Handy.

In other probably not fascinating news, I actually got some sleep last night. Still felt like I could use some more when I had to get up this morning, but better than it’s been for the last week or so. Probably related to productivity.

Also, I wandered. My “office” today was a park with trails, a table at Panera Bread, and a table at Whataburger. Plus the front seat of my van. Back when I was working on The Secret, I kept going to different places to try to write. They’d generally work for 20-30 minutes, at which point I’d want to move again. Back then I decided that meant trying to write away from home wasn’t really working for me. Now I’m thinking…look, I actually enjoy all the changes of scenery, so why not do it whenever I want? Making a virtue, or at least a convenience, out of my lack of a dedicated writing space at home.

Anyway. It was a good day. I’m typing this now at Whataburger. Leaving soon-ish to pick up a kid from school.

Have fun out there!

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