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Interlude-ish experiment

I’m doing something a little different today–well, that’s actually a lie. Or is it? Either way, what I mean is this: I recorded this blog post yesterday, while waiting to pick up a kid. My plan when I get home in about half an hour (which was a bit past 3 PM yesterday, Central time, from your point of view) is to schedule the post so it goes live.

I’m mostly doing this to give myself an excuse to talk to my recorder while doing nothing that requires a great deal of thought, and partly as a piece of my scheme to familiarize myself with the use of the recorder while it’s strapped around my neck.

That last is a surprisingly significant issue for me. For some reason it seems more intuitive to hold the recorder up to my mouth. Doing it this way, hands-free, currently evokes more unease and distrust than it ought.

Seriously, there’s a mild screaming panic in my brain right now. I can’t see the recorder. I don’t feel it in my hand. I know that other people waiting in line, and walking by the car on the sidewalk, can see that I’m talking to myself. Well…they almost certainly assume I’m talking to some sort of Bluetooth device. Most likely on a phone call, yes? But still…it feels weird to me.

So, you might ask, why not simply hold the recorder in my hand? Well, that’s what I did yesterday. Worked great, actually. Or, well, it was today, but yesterday as of blog-post time.

I don’t want to have to hold it in my hand. I would like to be able to dictate while driving–probably a bad idea, but for some reason the notion of a road trip spent dictating fiction strongly appeals. Maybe on certain highways, away from traffic? Specifically, I’m thinking US 281, north of San Antonio and up through the Texas Hill Country before I need to veer off toward Dallas. If I visit certain friends. Or possibly on Interstate 37, south toward Corpus Christi. Either way, there are long miles with very little to think about.

It’s still probably a bad idea. I do realize this. Might do it anyway.

Also, there was the mishap the other day with my previous voice recorder. I’ll give you one more detail: it involved a portable bathroom. So there’s actual value, which can be expressed in commonly-used currency, in having the recorder hang on a lanyard around my neck. Just saying. And stopping there.

So as I dictate this, I have no idea how the writing will go tomorrow…or earlier today, from your point of view, and don’t you wish I would quit harping on that? I may add that information later on. Or I may not. I mean, hell, at this point the damn recording hasn’t even been transcribed. Who knows what I’ll do with it?

Regardless of that, though? Have fun out there!

And remember: the presence of an electronic device into which a person speaks does not necessarily rule out the possibility that that person is batshit crazy. Food for thought, yes?

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