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Remember my weekly challenge? Well…

Way, way back in the fog of stuff that happened earlier than today–specifically in the year of our sins 2013–I started posting a free story every week on this here blog. It was a lot of work. I was doing book covers, too, and trying to keep up with publishing them on various retailers’ sites. I kept it up for 17 weeks, about 1/3 of the 52 I’d planned.

Why’d I stop? I got busy with other things, and I thought focusing on other efforts might be more helpful…by which I mean I wanted to get books written, and the stories got in the way. I never figured out how to get paid much of anything for them, so what was the point?

I’ll tell you the damn point: I had huge piles of fun with it! So I want to do it again. Screw logic anyway. It never did me any favors.

Last time I did book covers. This time I won’t. Last time I posted the stories as individual blog entries and left them up till the stories were published elsewhere. This time I won’t. Last time I had a few previously unpublished (at least outside my What Happens in September… collection) stories sitting around as a buffer. This time I won’t. Last time I published a couple of things that were probably the beginnings of novels rather than standalone fiction. This time I’ll do that again. Hey, sometimes an excerpt can be fun. Right?

Know what, though? I don’t even have time to write tonight. I’m helping a buddy with a minor issue with his software startup, and I’m going to have to cut this a bit short. Plus, I’m going to cheat and post this tomorrow (Thursday) to keep up my blog-every-day streak.

So, to recap: I have no stories prepared. I am working on two separate novels. I’m busy with lots of other projects. And yet, next Wednesday I’m pretty sure I’ll send out a story description and a link to a new “free story” page on the site. I’ll refresh that page, and talk about it on the blog, every time there’s a new story. Ideally it’ll happen once a week, but we’ll see how it goes.

Sound kind of dumb? Cool! That’s what I’m aiming for. And hey, it might even happen. You think?

Have fun out there!

(New-fiction word count: I’ll bet you can figure it out. I’d say I’m sorry about that, but I just ain’t. Plus I think I’ll make it up to you before long. YMMV.)

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