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Kid stuff!

Had a bit of drama last night. Children, as I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear, sometimes get all caught up, stuck, and twisted around in their feelings. They’ve seen plenty of examples of bad ways to handle that (Disney movies, for instance, are not helpful). It can be kind of a job to help them see that, here in the real world outside their heads, there isn’t necessarily an actual need/use for…you know…all the fussing and flailing about.

So anyway, today’s post is going to be a bit shorter than usual. I promised to help a kid switch from a broken phone to a new phone, and will need to spend time talking to a customer-service robot(?) before school starts this morning. I will note here that both phones have been around for months. Yes, of course that means switching phones should be unrelated to anything dramatic or emotional. And it kind of is. But: show, don’t tell, right? With writing, sure. Also with letting kids know they’re okay and you love them in spite of all the funny little things they do. Or that’s my theory.

(And hey, incidentally or maybe not, looks like we’re adopting a couple of boys sometime in the next few months. They’ve been with us nearly a year and a half, and some might say it’s about fucking time that got settled. ‘Scuse me. Language. But guess what? Worrying about that kind of thing, being told one thing then another, mostly by strangers who then flake out and disappear from their lives, who before they go away and get replaced don’t even seem all that interested in the kids’ lives to date…this process is occasionally unhelpful for children’s emotional equilibrium. Weird, I know.)

I have a bunch of things to talk about, which kind of surprises me (daily posts lead to thinking about things to post…huh…so would writing fiction daily lead to ideas for fiction?…no way!) but. Not today.

37 minutes of dictation so far this morning. Word count for that will be posted tomorrow, and I hope those words will have lots of buddies by then.

The cookbook isn’t totally done, but it’s at a point where not being done isn’t, like, totally my fault. I need some input, and a few decisions by not-me need to be made. So I’ll just try to fit the remaining bits in wherever I can, timewise, because writing new fiction is this week’s workwise priority. I’m also joining people for a birthday celebration at lunch, but otherwise…got lots to do, so I’m going to start on some of it now.

Have fun out there!

Yesterday’s dictation count: 1139 words
Time spent dictating: 0 minutes
Week to date: 1139 words (via the Neo)
Total words since 1/22/18: 8620

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