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Ha. It was actually difficult to get Dragon to screw up the title of this post so badly. But I persevered. Anyway, what I’m getting at: yesterday was a good day, but it didn’t go as planned. After the morning’s dictation session (37 minutes, 1114 words) I sat down…yes, actually physically sat down, though I couldn’t tell you why…to go through my work-in-progress, starting at Chapter 1, fixing things as I went. I’d left myself a bunch of notes throughout, things like “add discovery of X to chapter Y” and the like (can’t actually do things like that whilst dictating into a recorder). So I did that stuff.

A few hours later, it was time to meet people for lunch. My wife’s birthday lunch, about 25 minutes away from the house. When we got to the restaurant, they’d put up a sign apologizing for changing their hours on Mondays. Sadness ensued. We found another restaurant, another 20 minutes away, where they smiled and nodded when I explained that I really needed to avoid wheat, then they put that crap all over my plate. So I didn’t eat there. I  drank a couple of beers instead, then went and found something to eat. Afterwards, by myself, at yet another restaurant.

Soon after that, I needed to go pick up a kid at school. I showed up a bit early, and got in another 32 minutes of dictation (964 words) while waiting in the car-line. Then…well, then my work day was pretty much over. I did a bit more editing, but dealt mostly with non-writing things.

Still working on the edits this morning, for that matter. So, no dictation yet today–though I’m hoping (again) to get a lot of that in. There’s a park I’m looking forward to wandering around. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The funny thing? Even with all the stuff that got in the way, I actually made pretty decent progress. The word count is kind of low, but given that I edited far more words than that (I got through about 10,000), overall I think it’s reasonable to think of it this way: over 2000 finished, edited words (though I haven’t actually gotten around to fixing yesterday’s transcription yet), which if done every day would be a complete novel in a month. I am skeptical of all extrapolation. But it’s hard to call yesterday a bad day.

Have fun out there!

Yesterday’s dictation count: 2078 words
Time spent dictating: 69 minutes, two sessions
Week to date: 3192 words (some via the Neo)
Total words since 1/22/18: 10,698

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