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Rainy-day blues?

Well, sort of. I forgot to post anything yesterday, and it’s raining, and I’m not trying to dictate fiction…so I guess that could all be upsetting. It’s not, though.

Lots of stuff is happening around here. There’s kid-drama and related bureaucratic drama, mostly significant (if it is) because the people making decisions don’t know the kids involved, don’t know the family, and also don’t divulge the information they do have to me–I mean, I could be helpful, you know? But that’s not how the system works. I will also spend hours on different kid-stuff in a meeting today (and my wife and I spent hours last night doing pre-paperwork), the end result of which will be…nothing much. We’re supposed to come up with specific, measurable goals…but life is more complicated than that, and the primary issue these kids are actually facing right now, in the real non-paperwork world, is the impedance of exactly this sort of bureaucratic nonsense. So, do we write that down?

All of that typically gets more brain-space than it really should. I’m going to stop talking about it now.

I’m not dictating fiction because it wouldn’t be fun. Our living situation is a bit weird, in many other ways but also in that we share a wall with a shelter for infants and toddlers. The wall is very thin, and anything we say in the non-bedroom areas of our home can be overheard. Normally that’s not a big deal for us, but it’s not cool for dictating fiction. I don’t want to be thinking about other people’s reactions. I also don’t like hiding in a bedroom to work, and dictating outside in the rain is a bit silly, and our truck is in the shop (and our other two vehicles are currently inaccessible to me), my wife has the minivan, and…I’m just inside for the day. So I need to do other things.

What are those? Here’s a list:

  • Create a new Dragon NaturallySpeaking profile for my new voice recorder. The old one is getting a bit messed up, possibly because I assumed the new recorder would be substantially the same as my old one. Maybe not.
  • Figure out the things currently standing in my way (the type that live inside my head), type a few sentences in rebuttal, and post those on the wall. Goofy, I know, but when I actually do this it seems to help.
  • Start looking for images for a cover for my new book. Won’t be long now before I need it.
  • Maybe do the above for other books too.

Oh yeah! I pulled all my fiction down. It’s not available for sale online anymore. How come? Well, because I’m going to redo everything. New titles, new covers, new author name, plus some edits. A backlist is fine, but I’m focusing on Amazon sales and Amazon gives a significant boost to new stuff. Therefore all my stuff will become new. Logical, maybe.

I did hate giving up the reviews. Sort of. I mean, I appreciated the hell out of them when people posted them. But it also felt really, really good to just wipe the slate clean.

Tomorrow is the first day of the life I’m not actually living yet. No, wait. That’s not how that goes, is it?

Well, whatever. Have fun out there!

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